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The Overview of Programming Language Laboratory
    The programming language research Lab. currently runs two main streams of research. The first one is on Optimizing Compilers. It includes compilers for microprocessors, compilers for low-power, embedded system software, and parallelizing compilers, and architecture research for reconfigurable processors. We receive a Taiwan MOE award for advanced compilers for embedded systems on Univ and industrial joint project. Also see award news. Our group is in the team recently awarded nationa-wide project for SoC technologies and system software toolkits, 2002-2005. See the web page. Our lab. currently also participates in a national project (flagship project) of NSoC known as PAC DSP projects. We develop compilers and embedded software for PAC architectures. Other activities for our Lab in compiler areas inluded receiving Most Original Paper Award in ICPP '97, Dissertation Award as Honorable Mention for Lab. Student at IICM, 1999.
    The second area in our lab. research is the distributed/parallel OO software for pervasive computing software. It is mainly distributed component architecture on a variety of communication devices. Distirbuted component software on CDMA, bluetooth, 802.11b, GPRS/GSM, VIA/IB, and global grids. This is a part of research excellence project of University, 2000-2004 (also extended 2004-2008). We have a good research track record in this area. Research activities also include component software architectures and transcodings with IXP network processors. We also received a Microsoft Research Excellence award for Embedded Systems (Topic:Efficient Supports of .NET Remoting over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks). In addtion, we also received donations and research projects from Intel on applications for Intel IXP network processors.