Advanced Compiler

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Course Introduction

This course will introduce the modern advanced compiler techniques in ILP code optimizations, parallelizing compilers, and GPGPU language optimizations. This course will include software projects and use of parallel languages and machines.

The main topics include

Course Meeting


Course Requirements

This Course does not introduce basics compiler technologies. Therefore, we assume that learners have the pre-knowledge of compiler technologies introduced in "CS5405 Embedded Compiler".

Languages and Software used

C, C++, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, OpenCL, CUDA, C++ AMP, LLVM, and GCC compilers

Text Books

Reference Book



Prof. Jenq-Kuen Lee
Phone: 5715131 ext. 33519
Office: R547, EECS Building

Teaching Assitant

Shao-Chung Wang
Phone: 5715131 ext. 33900
Office: R844, EECS Building